Halmar Wins $91.5M Design-Build Project that is Setting the Standard for Stations in the Future

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“The Enhanced Stations Initiative raises the bar for station aesthetics, safety and amenities,” said Cathy Rinaldi, acting president of Metro-North. “Customers can anticipate a better environment at our stations, and all with minimal disruption to their commute. These improvements bring the stations into the 21st century and help enhance the quality of life of the communities they serve.”


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) board announces it has approved the $91.5 million design-build Enhanced Stations contract to Halmar International LLC. The project involves the renovation and completion of five metro stations; White Plains, Crestwood, Riverdale, Port Chester, and Harlem-125th Street. The general scope of work includes new signage, platforms, energy efficient LED lighting, benches with USB chargers, station dashboards and totems to provide convenient access to information, improvements to customer restrooms, not to mention Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Upgrades at White Plains include improved station entrances, as well as new interior wall panels, floor tiles, ceiling tiles and fixtures.

This project is part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s initiative to improve transit and transportation throughout the region, which focuses on improving customer experience, perception, comfort, and convenience of Metro-North’s stations, in addition to upgrading the appearance, safety, and overall condition of the stations. Work is scheduled to provide continuous access at each station during construction, minimizing impacts to the traveling public.

With revised guidelines, Metro-North stations are establishing a new look, influencing station design long after improvements to White Plains, Harlem-125th, Crestwood, Port Chester and Riverdale are complete. The project duration is 32 months with 5 interim milestones to be completed with incentive for each. The project is scheduled to start in January of 2018 and end in August 2020.


Project Description

White Plains

The work at White Plains includes painting of station peripheral bridges, new canopies, railing, LED lighting, elevator, CSI components, architectural elements, platform extension with radiant heat.

Port Chester

Work at Portchester includes painting of Westchester Ave. Bridge, new entrance canopy, sidewalks, lighting.


Riverdale station entails a new entrance canopy, lighting, pavement and enhancements to the existing overpass.

Harlem 125th

Install new LED lighting, and enhance interior station with WIFI, wayfinding, CSI components and other architectural amenities.


Granite curbs, entrance canopy, LED lighting, WIFI.


New LED accent lighting.



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