Halmar Transportation Systems Wins D/B Project at Grand Central Terminal

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Halmar Transportation Systems wins $30.8M Design & Construction Services for a New Cable Plant to Support Audio Visual and Facility Enhancements in Grand Central Terminal.

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) has approved the award for the Design-Build of the New Cable Plant to Support Audio Visual and Facility Enhancements in Grand Central Terminal (GCT) to Halmar Transportation Systems, a subsidiary of Halmar International LLC. Design and construction would include; Customer Service Equipment room (CSER) 7C, Public Address System, Cable Plant, and Digital Displays. The hardware and systems housed in these rooms connect via conduit and cables to speakers, visual displays, the MNR data networks, elevator/escalator controllers, and access control devices throughout GCT. Work within the rooms include equipment, HVAC, fire suppression, fire stopping and sealing upgrades.  Conduit and cable runs for data and power are also part of the overall project scope.

Digital Displays will also be replaced as part of this package and are located in GCT’s main terminal, in the North End Access area and at street level entry points. These displays include arrival/departure boards, track indicators, employee monitors and platform displays.  These displays shall be connected to a new Head End System provided by others or to existing databases currently in operation, i.e. MNR.

Extensive Mechanical, and coordination of subcontractors will be an integral part of this project. Halmar International will be responsible for all hardware, components, provisioning, testing, project management, configuration management, quality assurance and control, training, parts required for reliable operation, warranty, and safety as shown in the contract documents.

Please note; Halmar Transportation Systems is a subsidiary of Halmar International LLC.

To read more about this project and other Capital Improvements planned please visit:


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